About Guillermo


Alongside being a versatile vocalist and improviser, Guillermo works regularly as a voice teacher and group facilitator.

He enjoys inspiring individuals and groups of people to listen, breath freely, sing the sound of their essential nature and be fully present, honest and open. He believes singing is everyone’s birthright beyond musicianship or vocal skills, as it was for millennia in human evolution.

His work as a vocal coach and workshop leader involves weekly Circlesinging and improvisation workshops, choirs and one-to one lessons in London and the rest of the UK, and regular seminars and master classes throughout Europe, on his own, or as a faculty member of the Global Music Foundation.


Guillermo moved to the UK in 2000 after more than 10 years teaching in Buenos Aires, where he helped shape a generation of popular singers. His vocal formation in Argentina included  Anthropological Singing (Canto Esencial) with Iris Guinazu ,classical singing  with Julio Raggio, and Functional Pedagogy of the Voice with Renata Parussel- three wonderful, inspiring voice teachers.

He developed performing skills with internationally renowned regisseur Daniel Suarez Marzal, Alejandro Cancela and Adrian Porcel. He’s also taken part in numerous Tai chi Chuan, Yoga and Awareness through Movement seminars.

In the UK he studied Indian Vocals with Doctor P Chaudhry and the famous vocalist Ajoy Chakraborty, in India with Rajesh Kelkar. Guillermo also holds a Masters degree with distinction in Ethnomusicology (Middle Eastern music, Arabic singing with master Abdul Salam Kheir) at SOAS, and has done training in Speech Level Singing and Complete Vocal Technique. I love accompanying singers of all levels and backgrounds to find joy and fulfilment in their singing.

My work is largely informed by my yoga practice, inspired by yoga teacher and change-maker Judith Seelig, and also by spiritual mentor John Oakley. I’ve been a disciple of Bobby Mc Ferrin, Rhiannon and Albert Hera, three of the world’s greatest vocal improvisers and group singing facilitators.