The one-to-one singing lessons that I offer are a safe space to explore what’s possible with our voices, and an invitation to notice and transform what can get in the way of joyful, easeful singing. We’ll aim to discover and develop the voice, to enhance the quality of our listening (not only to sound but also to the intelligence of the body), our capacity to breath freely, and ultimately, to sing the sound of our essential nature and be fully present and accepting.

Do you think you can’t sing?

Do you think you can’t sing? That’s not true. Singing is a human birth right. For millennia human beings came together to sing, and everyone could join in, regardless of their skills. There were no judges telling you to keep quiet.
Everyone can sing. It is possible for you to enjoy singing and enjoy your voice. Many of us were told or made to feel that we cannot sing.  There are ways to heal that trauma, to clear the space for listening. I ‘ll accompany you along the way.
We’ll play with our voices, explore different sounds and ways to make music. We’ll connect with the body, learn to relax and listen, develop vocal and musical skills. We’ll find together ways to break through the fear or self-criticism and have fun singing.
Are you willing to challenge your own beliefs about what’s possible and have a go?

Joy of singing

If you enjoy singing for the love and joy of it and you want to explore beyond what you know and develop new skills and repertoire, I can help you along the way. Apart from the pleasure of your vocal expression, you will experience singing with accompaniment – guitar and piano.
I work with more experienced singers as well as with absolute beginners, and all levels in between. My intention is to honour and respect your essential sound and to help you shine. In every lesson there is a chance to connect with what makes you unique.  You can structure the lessons according to your needs and mood each time, or we can develop a programme geared towards a goal (enhancing vocal quality, range, learning new songs, preparing for a performance…)
As well as singing songs, the content of each lesson can include vocal technique- with voice-work exercises and games drawn from many sources, from traditional Bel Canto to SLS, CVT and Functional Pedagogy of the Voice- and diverse breathing techniques, body awareness and gentle movement informed by Yoga and the Feldenkrais Method.
Also we can explore repertoire (songs that you can bring or that I will suggest), rhythm (co-ordination, swing, clapping patterns), musicianship (basic theory and harmony) , elements of interpretation-performance, and also improvisation and more meditative forms of sounding.

Professional Singer’s Development

If you already have a vocal formation and/or you are currently performing, I can offer you different perspectives and new ideas about how to approach your voice, interpretation and performance.
For the last 20 years I’ve been helping many professional singers who wanted to explore musical traditions and styles from ‘my neck of the woods’ (Argentine Tango, South American Folklore, Brazilian music). The potential areas for work and improvement are language pronunciation and phonetics (Spanish and Portuguese), rhythm and phrasing for the different styles, vocal technique applied to the styles and improvisation.
Lessons can also involve critically listening to famous artists of the different genres, comparing styles and trends, and putting songs in context, analysing the poetry and the history behind them in order to enhance the interpretation. From a musical perspective, understanding the accompaniment: learning different grooves, percussion and bass patterns and styles and learning to arrange songs. Finally, working towards putting together a set ready for a performance.
One of my strengths as a performer is the ability to connect with and engage the audience and that’s something that I can help you develop, through enhancing self- awareness and conscious use of the body, gaze, energy projection and sound.
Apart from the craft (technique) and the art (interpretation)or singing, another strand of my work is helping professional singers with performance anxiety or stage fright to overcome these symptoms and enjoy singing in public. For this my toolkit combines body awareness, acting games, self –reflection and yoga-meditative techniques.

1,5 hrs singing lesson

Course of 4 singing lessons (4 x 1h)

Course of singing lessons (4 x 1,5 hrs)