Healing Sound & Body

One-to-One Work

Some of the people who come to me for individual work are searching for a deeper connection with themselves.
They express the need to live more spaciously and tenderly, to harmonize mind and body. To nourish themselves and their environment, to explore their inner life and spirituality through their bodies and resonance.
I love to accompany this process using different tools such as yoga postures, awareness through movement, diverse breathing and meditative techniques, intuitive healing and the use of sound as a way to transform energy- sounds as well as singing songs.
This can help release stress and old unhelpful patterns, and invite stillness. It also brings a balance of strength and flexibility to the body and mind, encourages openness to the New and the different perspectives that arise from listening to the wisdom within and noticing the ‘bigger picture’.

Group Work

Group singing can be a wonderful way to enhance well-being and unwind from the pressures of the day…I always invite participants to be tender with themselves, to notice life force flowing in their bodies as breath and sound, and to experience the powerful field that can emerge when human beings resonate together.
The workshops can be tailor-made for diverse skill levels and settings, repertoire and activities vary depending on their purpose and participants. They may include different styles of songs from Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Islands, Gospel and devotional songs from different traditions, as well as circlesongs.
They are an invitation to explore diverse ways of using vocal sound and musical textures, while developing a new understanding
of rhythm and harmony.The beginning of the workshop will be designed to help the participant’s bodies become more ‘available’. Combining simple yoga stretches, gentle movement, self-massage and rhythm work, we’ll use the voice as a tool for awareness, energetic transformation, release of tension and physical well-being.

I’m passionate about working with groups and how this opens possibilities to explore listening, co-operation and the fine dance between the individual self, the collective field and the bigger picture. I’ve been doing this work for 20 years in the most diverse settings, from amateur community groups to the corporate environment. I’ve been fortunate to work with groups of actors, dancers and therapists.
I also believe in the link between singing and health, both the healing and harmonising effect of group singing for the individual and also its transformative power for the group, the ways in which singing brings people together, erases hierarchies and foments trust. With this spirit, I have been facilitating for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), stroke and Parkinson’s patients, people with learning disabilities, victims of violence and refugees.