Argentine Tango

Tango Solo

It's thrilling for me to play guitar and sing a solo set for a room full of Tango dancers! I enjoy this as much as performing for a sitting and listening audience -where the repertoire varies and there is some added story-telling apart from the songs.

My repertoire includes a variety of tangos, milongas and valses from Guardia Vieja to modern Tango. I organise the songs in tandas very much like DJ's do, so that the dancers can follow the form of a traditional Milonga event.

I perform regularly across Europe, often as a solo act (guitar and vocals) in Milongas and concert settings WATCH. Sometimes collaborating with local Tango musicians and orchestras. Sometimes, the performances are combined with singing workshops for amateurs and professionals ENQUIRE ABOUT WORKSHOPS

Alongside the concerts and milongas, I also offer a workshop called 'The mystery of sung tango', about the poetry of tango and some of its main vocalists.

'The mystery of sung tango" (download PDF)

Tango Bands

I’ve been singing tango since I was two years old (usually on bus journeys, or so I was told), although I was not a full-time tango singer when I lived in Buenos Aires. After moving to the UK in 2000, tango became my way to remember my roots and promote this amazing genre across Europe. I researched and learned to sing and play more than 200 songs from the tango repertoire.

I was lucky to tour the UK, singing with two bands: Los Mareados and Tango Siempre .With the latter we recorded "Malandras del Tango" with some original compositions and toured the Midnight Tango dance show, a box- office success.

Currently I’m proud to be the vocalist of the first Orquesta TIpica in the UK: the London Tango Orchestra , having recently released ‘Primeros Pasos”. I also sing in duo with celebrated UK- based Argentine guitarist Javier Fioramonti and innovative Dutch ensemble Pinta Brava.

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