Other Music

Alongside singing Argentine Tango, I enjoy singing other genres and styles, and have performed with diverse ensembles throughout my time in the UK. I was fortunate to take part in the award-winning  Orient House Ensemble led by G Atzmon. In 2004, we recorded 'Muzik" which had rave reviews and we toured extensively around Europe and the UK.
In Argentina, I trained to be a jazz vocalist. That musical education influences all the music that I make. Jazz is for me like a lens,  a point of view to arrange and reharmonise songs, to include vocal improvisation, to sing each song differently every time... Sometimes I sing Jazz standards, but most of the bands I'm involved with play South American music. 


Rioplatenses started in 2003 and led to two recordings : 'The blue hour' in 2004, and live album 'A route to the roots' in 2008. Everybody’s heard about Tango, but very little is known about Argentina’s rich and evocative “other music”.  Our repertoire combines chacareras and candombes, zambas and chamames, with nu-groove tangos and candombes. 'Rioplatense' is the word to describe the music that travels from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, originated in the River Plate.
Rioplatenses’ music is rooted in South American rhythms with a strong African influence and also European and Middle Eastern elements to reflect the diverse musical traditions of the immigrants that shaped Argentinean musical heritage.  Some originals are woven with re-arranged traditional songs, vocal improvisation and jazz-infused solos.
The band features Javier Fioramonti (bass),Andres Ticino (percussion),  and John Turville (piano), and occasional guests Fred Thomas and Giuliano Pereira.

Musica Paradiso, songs and stories of the Silver Screen

Musica Paradiso, Songs and Stories of the ‘Silver Screen’ is a show and album celebrating some of the most captivating film music of the 20th century, alongside celebrated jazz vocalist Tina May, an all-star jazz quartet featuring renowned drummer Steve Keogh and occasionally, a string orchestra (the London FilmHarmonic Orchestra led by Raphael Hurwitz).  
We have performed with the full ensemble at Kings Place and Pizza Express live amongst other major London venues. The repertoire is a pastiche of movie hits from the Golden Jazz era, French chanson, Cuban and Mexican boleros, Bossa Nova and Tangos, the soundtracks of famous movies, from Hollywood to Almodovar and Fellini.

Candombe! Afro-uruguayan songs and drums

This band came together to celebrate the unique songs and drumming of Uruguay, featuring three fantastic UK-based Uruguayan musicians (Andres Ticino, Guillermo Hill and Andy Lafone).

With its strong African roots, infectious beats and beautiful melodies, Uruguayan candombe is the unsung hero of South American music styles. Fun, danceable, sometimes a political commentary, sometimes a sensual invitation to dance.  

It lives and breathes in the back streets of Montevideo, where it was born before the origins of Tango, and has evolved throughout the 20th century with diverse influences from jazz, bossa nova and funk.

Brasil, meu mor

In “Brazil, meu amor” I admit to my long- term love affair with the music from Brazil. It started in Buenos Aires more than 20 years ago alongside my great friend and teacher, Beto Caletti, and it still carries on…This programme brings together Bossa Nova, Samba and MPB.
Apart from the unmissable Jobim and Joao Gilberto material, the repertoire includes a selection of compositions from Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Joao Bosco, Djavan and more...  The band features some of the finest Latin musicians in London.

Agora with Ed Simon

A yet-to be released album of Latin American songs with acclaimed US pianist Edward Simon.
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